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Starbuckonomics: Why Do We Need A Larger Drink?

Starbucks recently started offering a new, larger size for cold drinks.  It is called the “Trenta.”  I personally have never gotten to the bottom of a Venti-sized Frappuccino   and thought “Wow, I sure could use another!”  In fact, the Trenta … Continue reading

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Starbuckonomics: Pricing to Make Money

Starbucks does a lot right.  As I posted already, they have figured out how to provide consistent, great service.  It should not surprise you that Starbucks is a consistently profitable company too. You might think Starbucks is so profitable because … Continue reading

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Starbuck-o-nomics: Why is service so good?

Starbucks (henceforth SBUX) is one of my favorite large corporations.  This isn’t just because I enjoy their products but also because one of my pet hobbies is finding economic principles manifested by SBUX’s operations. (I know how cool you are … Continue reading

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