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How “hipsters” are like the pioneers

“Hipsters” are that hard-to-define but you-know-it-when-you-see it segment of the population that is self-consciously counter-cultural.  When I think of a hipster, I think of someone who explores the fringes of culture in music, fashion, and technology. There is plenty of … Continue reading

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Don’t Hurt Others When You Name Your Baby

A friend recently told me he was glad he could give his son a name that “carried on the family name.”  Because he had a son, his last name would propagate, and by “re-using” a family first name he could … Continue reading

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Pirates Attack the Few Fans They Have

This story came across the local news report last night: A sign in front of the bar on Fairhaven Road said, “If the Pirates lose, you win.” The promotion called for a discount of a nickel off a pitcher of … Continue reading

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Osama bin Laden and the Princess Bride

A lot has been made of OBL’s hide-out location in a populated part of Pakistan near a major military academy.  Why would he choose such an obvious place? (Yesterday I had a related post.) Commentators asking this question have not … Continue reading

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Starbuckonomics: Why Do We Need A Larger Drink?

Starbucks recently started offering a new, larger size for cold drinks.  It is called the “Trenta.”  I personally have never gotten to the bottom of a Venti-sized Frappuccino   and thought “Wow, I sure could use another!”  In fact, the Trenta … Continue reading

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The Monty Hall Problem

If you missed my earlier post from today on why it is good to be a parent, it is here.  But, I thought I would end the day with something light. This is a fun problem based on the old … Continue reading

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7 Principles of Doing a PhD

Having recently finished my PhD, I want to make a few comments about the decision to “do a PhD.”  Occasionally acquaintances ask me whether they should do a PhD, and I typically respond with some of the following opinions. Realizing … Continue reading

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